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Patented Technology – Wet Physics Instead of Wet Chemistry

For a long time there were only alternative products to classical, solvent-based chemicals which admittedly contained nonhazardous ingredients, but at the same time didn’t show convincing results. Until now! Intelligent fluids® has faced the demanding challenges of generating a modern alternative in cleaning and stripping. The success is outstanding. Environmentally friendly intelligent fluids® are crucial pioneers and forerunners when it comes to replacing toxic, solvent-based chemicals.

The patented technology of intelligent fluids® combines gentle ingredients to tailor-made phase fluids that remove contaminates effectively and gently. Net-like, highly dynamic structures within the intelligent fluids® are the key to this amazing effect. Therefore, intelligent fluids® are able to penetrate, fragmentate and eventually lift-off even persistent impurities and heavy deposits in a gentle way.


The highly powerful intelligent fluids® offer significant advantages: They do not only clean innovatively and highly effectively, but also are able to reduce process costs at the same time. Furthermore, due to their gentle ingredients they do not harm equipment, environment and users.

Patented Technology – Wet Physics Instead of Wet Chemistry


  • highly dynamic fluids with molecular teamwork
  • customized product design based on proven and safe ingredients
  • gentle physical detaching instead of aggressive, chemical dissolving processes
  • particularly suitable for organic layers on inorganic substrates
  • wide field of application due to lipophilic and hydrophilic properties
  • easy disposal by rinsing with water or alcohol

Patented Technology – Wet Physics Instead of Wet Chemistry
Resist Lift-off with an intelligent fluid®

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