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Antje Borchert
Category Manager Maintenance

intelligent fluids GmbH
Karl-Heine-Straße 99, 04229 Leipzig


Intelligent fluids are thermodynamically stable. Due to bottling, it is highly recommended to use up an intelligent fluid within 12 months. The bottles or containers are labeled with the best-before date.
Intelligent fluids are free of particles. They are liquid in liquid systems which contain so called plasmicells that change shape constantly.
In general, intelligent fluids aren’t endangering the quality of water. That means they can be disposed by wastewater. However, the disposal of intelligent fluids also depends on the degree of detached layers, the quantity and the local regulations. Notwithstanding the above, the ways of disposing of classical chemicals also work for intelligent fluids.
The conditions for the storage are indicated on each intelligent fluid’s technical data sheet. In general, intelligent fluids have to be stored at room temperature. In addition, exposing intelligent fluids to ultraviolet light should be avoided.
Intelligent fluids offer many economical and ecological advantages. Using intelligent fluids means reducing total costs and process times as well as saving energy. An outstanding performance is as characteristic for intelligent fluids as its gentle properties protecting machinery and equipment as well as substrates and surfaces. Furthermore, health risks due to toxic ingrediences are reduced significantly.
An intellligent fluid is transparent, limpid, translucent and single-phase.
The fluid works properly if it looks limpid and translucent. Opaque fluids could indicate a phase separation which means the fluid doesn’t take effect any more.