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intelligent fluids GmbH
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Intelligent fluids are based on the highly complex and unique combination of the laws of nature. First, the natural trend to disorder and the greatest possible distribution of molecules („entropy“). Second, the urge for conglomeration „(Ostwald ripening“). As a consequence, a constant interaction between hydrophobic and hydrophilic ingredients takes place.
Depending on the particular intelligent fluid, the internal dynamics within the products ranges from 1000 to 8000 moves per second which causes a so called „micro-earthquake effect“. The fluids are often called „bottled ultrasonics“ by industrial customers.
It is not possible to feel the movements within an intelligent fluid. However, it is possible to visualize the constantly changing fluid‘s structures by a laserpointer for the refractive indices of the plasmicells scatter beams of light.
Intelligent fluids are not harmful to humans, nature or environment because they are generally pH neutral, biodegradable and dermatologically approved.
The molecular interactions within an intelligent fluid causes their effects, not a chemical mode of action. Admittedly, it is not possible to prevent chemical effects entirely but, in general, those are not part of the fluid’s functionality.
Regarding their composition, intelligent fluids rank among chemical products. But regarding their unique mode of action, intelligent fluids has to be classified as wet physics that delineates itself from classical wet chemistry.
An intelligent fluid is able to penetrate and fragment various layers such as dirt, paint or lacquer completely. This leads to the fracturing and gentle detaching of the layer in a physical way.
No, because intelligent fluids are supplied ready. A dilution will interfere with or even destroy the effectiveness.
The effect of intelligent fluids can be stopped immediately by adding water or other liquids (i.e. alcohol). Thus, it’s up to the user to decide when the process should come to an end. In general the effect stops with the beginning of the rinsing process.
A correct application is necessary to avoid residues. If the application was stopped by a rinsing process with water or alcohol a clean, non-residue surface should be guaranteed.
This depends on the application, the layer type and especially on the layer thickness. It usually takes several seconds up to a few minutes until an effect is clearly visible.
Intelligent fluids are thermodynamically stable. Due to bottling, it is highly recommended to use up an intelligent fluid within 12 months. The bottles or containers are labeled with the best-before date.
Intelligent fluids are free of particles. They are liquid in liquid systems which contain so called plasmicells that change shape constantly.
Intelligent fluids offer many economical and ecological advantages. Using intelligent fluids means reducing total costs and process times as well as saving energy. An outstanding performance is as characteristic for intelligent fluids as its gentle properties protecting machinery and equipment as well as substrates and surfaces. Furthermore, health risks due to toxic ingrediences are reduced significantly.
The secret of intelligent fluids‘ technology is both the molecular teamwork and the precise co-ordination of its ingredients. Therefore, special teams of molecules are formed which conduct the exercises of an intelligent fluid, i.e. penetration and detaching of layers. Furthermore, intelligent fluids are able to detect different materials. That’s why intelligent fluids are able to detach layers while leaving the surface unviolated.
Intelligent fluids primarily consist of water and ingredients that are even used in cosmetic industry. Dangerous substances are not used.
Due to intelligent fluids‘ patented technology, it is possible to create fluids which merely lift off a specific layer and at the same time do not affect the surface.
There are at the maximum those safeguard measures necessary which hold for classical chemical products. Due to intelligent fluids‘ properties, it is more often than not possible to refrain from specific safeguard measures. In general, the detached layers are potentially harmful, not the intelligent fluid.
A thorough wettening of the surface is essential. The effectiveness can be optimized by total coverage, for example a stirred bath.