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intelligent fluids GmbH
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Thanks to intelligent fluids®, the use of gentle, environmentally friendly, substrate-friendly ingredients and outstanding performance are no longer mutually exclusive. This unique, patented technology by intelligent fluids® heralds a new, solvent-free era in the industrial sector as well as in the printing industry and for building protection.

Print Industry

A flawless print result and optimally utilised production are fundamental in the printing industry. The major challenges are cost minimisation, increased efficiency and a consistently high quality of printed products. Optimising the technical requirements also necessitates effective and efficient cleaning of anilox rollers.

Using the innovative intelligent fluids® enables superior cleaning quality and significantly-reduced processing costs. Intelligent fluids® are able to diffuse through different layers of ink and remove them very effectively by quickly lifting them off. The roller surface is gently cleaned of residues, without pre-cleaning and long downtimes. Unlike conventional solvents, intelligent fluids® clean by means of gentle, physical effects, without the use of toxic solvents or etching.

  • lower downtime and process costs through faster performance
  • inline cleaning possible
  • special cleaning facilities no longer necessary
  • persuasive, residue-free cleaning
  • gentle, environmentally-friendly ingredients
  • cost minimisation via lower energy and disposal costs
  • prevention of flocculation, drying and solidification
Print Industry

Industrial Cleaning, Maintenance and Servicing

In the industrial sector, a smooth and flawless production process is essential. The cleaning of machines and equipment, as well as their maintenance and servicing, are decisive parameters for the quality of the manufactured products and production performance.

Intelligent fluids® free machines, technical equipment and components with simple management of industrial deposits and stubborn residues. Their impressive impact is based on physical effects, clearly distinguishing them from classical chemical dissolution or etching. Intelligent fluids® impress with exceptional performance while simultaneously protecting equipment, the environment and people.

  • rapid and complete removal of strongly adhering contaminants
  • removal of lipophilic substances
  • less expensive and more cost-effective disposal thanks to gentle ingredients
  • safe and permitted substances
  • effective degreasing
  • loosening of rusted screws and metal parts
  • use of multi-oil
Industrial Cleaning, Maintenance and Servicing

Graffiti Removal and Prophylaxis

Unwanted graffiti damage façade surfaces after a short time, affect the image of a building and are usually only removable with considerable effort. Substrates and cladding materials are often damaged during conventional cleaning.

Intelligent fluids® remove these unpleasant paint layers powerfully, reliably and gently, deep into the pores, without attacking the sensitive structures of the substrates. Instead of removing the paint by chemical dissolution or aggressive acids, intelligent fluids® diffuse through the layers and directly lift contamination off the substrate, without smearing or leaving residues.

With the innovative graffiti prophylaxis of intelligent fluids®, buildings are coated with a protective layer. This way, smudges are easy to remove with nothing more than hot water.

  • fast and colour-flexible cleaning even on sensitive mineral substrates
  • gentle on façade surfaces
  • residue-free removal without chemical dissolution
  • safe and environmentally-friendly substances

Intelligent fluids® offer compelling solutions for a variety of applications. Please feel free to contact us personally for advice on possible applications and put intelligent fluids® to the test with your specific tasks. We will find a smart solution.

Research Funds

Intelligent fluids GmbH is associated with innovation and progress to meet future challenges. Since its foundation, the participation in national and international research projects has been a key element of the company's identity.

Here you will find a detailed overview of current and past research projects.